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OUR 2023 Factory Christmas sale for customers in Thailand has now ended. Our next sale will begin in late October or early November 2024….

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Many thanks to the numerous customers who visited our 2023 factory sales and bought one or more of our trees, or contacted us to arrange a delivery direct to their home. We received great feedback, and many people were happy to spread the word to their friends regarding the quality and wide range of trees available, and our great prices.Please check back here in mid October 2024 for details of the starting date of our 2024 Factory sale      ...

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Warranty registration and Service Request page

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The Warranty registration and Service Request pages on our website are for the convenience of our customers to replace the previous method of sending in warranty cards by mail. To register your Warranty or to enter a Warranty Service Request, please click on  Warranty  on the Menu list at the top of the page (next to Contact Us).  (If you are accessing our website on a phone, click on Navigation Menu first and then click on Warranty.)  For customers who have purchased a Triumph Tree tree  in Europe, please remember to use the special link to our European agent’s website that is show on the Warranty Registration or Warranty Service Request pages.  That link will take you to a multi-language site that includes Dutch, French, and German languages for your...

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